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High performance
optimization service

High performance optimization service

  • Magnetic crack detection
  • Crack dectection on pre-owned pressurized motor blocks(pressure tests)
  • Planing of cylinder heads on diesel or gasoline engines
  • Measurement comparaison before and after refurbishing, according to manufacturer's specifications
  • Inspection of mechanical components (such as valves and springs check on Honda or Toyota engines)
  • Modification on high performance engine and cylinder heads ( cylinder heads of Honda and Toyota after optimization)
  • Diesel or gasoline engine refurbishing
  • Non-destructive cleaning and decarbonisation
  • Planing of  flywheel
  • Specific adjustment of valves according to manufacturer's standards
  • Sandblasting and painting according to manufacturer's color specifications (repainting of cylinder head)
  • Rebuilt cylinder head exchange system