The company

  • More than fifteen years ago, KTG Mechanical Services started offering their expertise in Western Canada and internationally.
  • Quickly experiencing tremendous growth, KTG Industry become KTG Group in creating KTG Construction, KTG Optimization, KTG Projects and KTG Performance.
  • Today, this strong unity wich forms KTG Group aims to provide very specialized services in order to complete, in an innovative way, the realization of your biggest projects.
  • Proudly, KTG Group continue to stand out for its advanced work techniques and for the fundamental versatility of its professionnals.
  • A large variety of services, a single mission : the success of your project.

Our mission

  • KTG Group seeks to offer its customers quality services, propose adapted solutions to their needs and is a trusted partner in the realization of common goals.
  • Demonstrating exceptional dynamism, KTG Group is a leader in innovation both in their processes and in the methods they are using.
  • KTG Group is continuously offering a distinctive service to its customers, enabling them to benefit from the strenght of a solid company that continues to growth year after year.

Our vision

  • Since its creation in 2004, KTG Group is constantly looking out for opportunities to ensure its growth. The aims : to deploy more and more diversified services in our country and internationally.
  • KTG Group, it is a team of workers highly qualified that brings competence and versality to all businesses.
  • It is also proud and involved employees offering a work of outstanding quality that make

KTG Group an employer of choice.